Useful Tools & Templates

Data can be a powerful strategic tool to enhance business performance and to increase marketing effectiveness, but it isn’t magic.  It requires a strategy based on your business ambitions to focus your data projects on delivering value..

The key is to focus on what questions you want to answer as a business and then determine what data and tools you need to support this.

Following these steps can help you build a plan and organise what needs to be done to answer your key questions, as well as identify additional support and skills that may be required to implement and operationalise your data strategy across your business.

Visit our Blog for more details or download the templates below.

ORION Blogs and Templates

Step 1: Opportunity Blog

Opportunity template

This step determines the business needs and ambition, the importance of creating a common agenda for your data strategy and the role of a cross-functional team. To develop your data strategy plan on a page.

Step 2: Realise Blog

This step focuses on using data to plan the strategies you are going to put in place to deliver against the business ambition, establishing the key questions you need to be answered to support your plan.


Funnel template

Scenario planning template

Statement of Intent template

Step 3: Insight Blog

This step identifies what insight is required to support the strategies, working closely with the data analytics and scientist teams to ensure that the business context is captured in the requests.

Insight Use Case template

Step 4: Operationalise Blog

This step is about constructing an operational plan that will identify the data analysis, models, assets, resources and technical tasks required to deliver against the insight 

Operational plan template

Step 5: Now! Blog

This step is about prioritising the tasks you have identified in the previous steps to ensure a pragmatic, achievable plan to deliver against the jobs to be done.

Impact & Effort Matrix template