Accelerated growth with a Data Mindset

A data mindset is about using data in your business to inform decision making. 


Providing the focus on where the biggest growth potential is, whilst improving efficiencies and impact of your teams.

Determining what you need to know and what you need to do to use data in a strategic way to deliver growth.

Data Mindset

Growth Strategy

Identify opportunities to grow 

What do we need to KNOW?

Productive teams

More impactful and efficient

What do we need to DO?

Inform decision making with powerful questions to identify opportunities to grow


Where is your growth going to come from?

A data mindset will enable better decision making by using data and insight to quantify opportunities for growth.

Key to this is asking powerful questions to determine what you need to know and why, to uncover new opportunities that will have the most potential impact on your business. 


How do your customers use your product or service? 




 What would an increase in sales be if the frequency of purchase increased?


How do prospects filter down your sales funnel?


What growth would you achieve if conversion rates increased?


Which marketing channels generate your most valuable customers? 

What ROI could be delivered if the media mix was changed?


How are products bought together?

What would the increase in basket value be if customers bought one more thing per transaction?


Making your team more productive by enabling them with the right tools 

Your people are fundamental to your successful growth.

To make your teams more productive and the opportunities to grow a reality, determine what you need to do:

  • to enable your business operationally to increase efficiencies

  • to apply cultural changes and ways of working to increase the impact

Are your people working efficiently with the data & technology available to support them to do their job?

Increase efficiencies by: 

  • championing data as a valuable asset

  • improving data quality

  • making data available and accessible

  • training on technical capabilities

  • establishing governance and control

By identifying the current pain points and the efficiencies to be gained, you can develop a prioritised roadmap to implement tools, processes and technology to be more efficient.

Do your people quantify the impact they are making to the business and are they working to continuously improve on it?

By embedding strategic data tools, techniques, metrics and insight into your ways of working your people will be impact-driven.


Creating impact by:  

  • improving data literacy

  • using data to plan and model outcomes

  • optimise through test & learn 

  • tell compelling stories

  • make informed decisions



To explore how to identify opportunities and make your teams more productive, request a half-hour discovery call with one of our experts.