Are you confident interpreting and presenting the numbers in your business?

Can you identify what is good or bad?  An opportunity or a risk?  Are you generating any actions from the back of the insight in your business?

If the answer to any of these is no, then learning the art of data storytelling is for you.

This workshop will guide you through how to master the art of data storytelling. 


How to determine your hypotheses to generate usable outputs;

how best to visualise data and reports for clarity and impact;

how to narrate the data to tell a story that drives action;

and how to incorporate data visualization tools into your tech-landscape. 

After the course you will:

  • Be able to set hypotheses to direct the outcome and application of your analysis

  • Know what style of visualisation is best for the job to create impact and action

  • Have a greater understanding of how visualisation tools can help you access and present your key metrics

The art of data storytelling

Workshop contents:

  • What is data storytelling

  • Hypothesis setting for impactful metrics and insights

  • Visualising data for impact and understanding

  • Adding the narrative

  • An intro to reporting tools and their role within your organisation

Format: 3hr virtual workshop with attendees across non-competing sectors

This is for: Business Leaders and Teams  

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