Are you happy with the level of insight and the use of data in your business?

Have you got a plan for enhancing your data capabilities and skills?


Then you need a data strategy and this course is for you.

Data is often thought of as a single entity but in reality, it is more of an ecosystem of capabilities that will enable your business to increase its performance and effectiveness to grow.

The ecosystem is a combination of skills, processes and technology.  


A strong ecosystem will provide you with the tools, insight and knowledge needed to use your data to deliver impactful decisions and actions.

Delivering growth.


We have designed this workshop to share with you the core aspects of data strategy design.  This will enable you to identify the impact it could have on your business and the steps you will need to undertake in designing a data strategy that is right for your business needs and ambitions. 

After the course you will:

  • Identify the role of data strategy in delivering business growth

  • Know where and how to start designing a data strategy in your own business

  • Have access to essential templates to visualise the impact data mindset thinking will have

We also offer a supported coaching program over 10 weeks to support your team as they develop the data strategy for your business - Essential tools for data strategy design.  

Introduction to data strategy design for business leaders

Workshop contents:

  • Introducing the components of your businesses data strategy which will include an overview of:

  • The use cases for your business

  • Your statement of intent 

  • Identifying the barriers 

  • Identifying the jobs to be done

  • Creating your high-level roadmap

  • Creating your detailed level roadmap

  • Measuring your strategy

Format: 3hr virtual workshop with attendees across non-competing sectors

This is for: Business Owners and Leaders  

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