What does data mean to you as a business?

How are you using it to support your business goals?

We often ask this question and get different answers depending on who we ask within an organisation.

This isn’t surprising as data can be used to support the business in a multitude of ways from improving targeting or media optimisation in the marketing department, managing sales leads or customer records or building predictive models for business innovation.

It’s all data. Each use is important. But different tools and skills are needed.


By having a consistent approach to how data is being used, managed and governed will build on-going capabilities that will have the biggest impact on your business growth.

After this course you will:

  • Be able establish the vision for how data can be used to deliver your business goals.

  • Understand how data is currently being used.  Or not.

  • Identify the priority areas to be answered in your data strategy, to enhance your capabilities and people skills.

Deliver business impact from your data

Workshop contents:

  • Identifying what being data-driven could mean to your business

  • Defining your vision for data

  • Understanding how it is currently being used to support the business

  • Bringing your vision alive

  • Plugging the gaps


Format: 3hr virtual workshop with attendees across non-competing sectors

This is for: Business Owners and Leaders 

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