We translate SME business needs into data and technology requirements, determine where the biggest opportunities are and develop a plan to improve how you currently use data and martech across your business.

Starting with the ‘why’ we drill down into your data, resources and process to create actionable data strategy that will make a commercial difference to your business. 

The objective of Explore is to create a prioritised organisational data strategy.

Firstly, we get to know you.

Understanding where you currently are on your data strategy journey; how you currently use data across your business, people and tech; the challenges you are facing;

and then determine where the biggest opportunities are for using data.


Our Explore approach creates a personalised Data Strategy Pack, delivering these key benefits to your organisation:

  • A common focus around the data needs across your organisation (incl. strategy, product development, sales, marketing, operations and IT functions) 

  • Clarity as to how the needs support the business goals, objectives and ambitions  

  • Alignment across the organisation to a single prioritised data plan 

  • Clear ownership of data projects, resource and technical investments

  • Structured objectives and measures of success to monitor your plan overtime



A group session involving key stakeholders across your business to gather first thoughts on your business status and ambitions as a whole.  Then focussing on the role of data within your organisation we will discuss your current and future ambitions; covering the barriers and opportunities for data in your business to support and deliver your overarching ambitions.



Structured, individual interviews to understand the data projects and ambitions your business stakeholders are working towards; identifying the challenges and risks with the projects along with the successes the projects will deliver once implemented.



A facilitated workshop inviting your key stakeholders to build on the consolidated overview of the common ambitions, data needs and enablers to overcome barriers identified in the first two stages

  • Review the common themes, barriers and opportunities, discuss any conflicts

  • Agree the areas of focus from the common themes where data is going to support the business ie Customer, Business Decision Making

  • Create a Statement of Intent (SOI) for each area to determine what good looks like for your business

  • Review the data applications and enablers are needed to overcome some of the common barriers to achieve the SOI

  • Determine what can be done today based on resources and data available, and what requires further time and/or investment



This could contain:

  • Summary of the Statement of Intents 

  • Overarching plan to achieve the SOI broken data applications and enablers

  • Prioritised across Crawl, Walk, Run phases 

  • Overview of jobs to be done 

  • Resource and skill requirements to deliver 

  • Detailed task roadmap



We know how easy it is to get caught up in the detail, and it is important to take a step back when putting your data strategy into practice and review how your are progressing, consider any new thinking or changes in business focus that may impact the strategy and keep the project owners on track.

We provide regular check-ins to support your team after the Data Strategy Pack has been delivered, at whatever frequency you need.


Finding the package that is right for your business

We have different packages based on organisational needs starting from £15k (excl. VAT) please get in touch to discuss your requirements.