Are you interested to know how data can help transform and grow your business?

Don’t know where to start? Then this course is for you. 

Spoiler alert... it’s not a tech platform and we aren’t selling one. 

In a 2021 Havard Business Review article*, we see that whilst 99% of businesses are investing in data, only 25% consider themselves to be data-driven.  The biggest reasons are lack of leadership and lack of cultural adoption of using data within the business. 

To become data driven is still a relatively new approach to business strategy and usually it requires new skills and approaches that may feel quite different to how the business has run before.  

It doesn’t mean throwing out the old ways or implementing some shiny new platform that automates everything. 

It means identifying where using data can make a difference to business decisions and performance, and developing a prioritised data strategy to build capabilities to enable it to happen.  

After this course you will be: 

  • Confident in identifying opportunities from your metrics

  • Making data-informed decisions to drive your performance 

  • Prioritising strategic planning from data insight

*HBR 2021 - Why is it so hard to become a data driven company

Lead with a data mindset

Workshop contents:

  • Introducing a data mindset

  • Your role as a business owner or leader

  • Understanding the data journey

  • Introducing the Data Mindset Toolkit

  • Getting your plan started

Format: 3hr virtual workshop with attendees across non-competing sectors

This is for: Business Owners and Leaders 

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