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Article Round-Up: Testing

Updated: May 30, 2023

We know businesses can accelerate their growth by embedding a data mindset and fully utilising data and technology to deliver your business objectives.

The 3 components of a data mindset are:

1. Growth strategy - focus on what you need to 'KNOW'

2. More productive teams - focussing on the 'HOW' to have the right skills to use data & technology

3. Increased efficiency - focussing on 'WHAT' technology and processes are needed to support the 'teams' and 'business applications'

This blog is building on the role of testing to build your growth strategy. Testing is an essential tool to driving your business forward, monitoring what happens when a change is made, identifying what can be done better to create impact, efficiency and growth. A testing strategy provides rigour to testing and optimisation, ensuring business changes are made based on fact not gut-feel to deliver the desired results.

We talk about 4 key stages to successful testing:

  • Start with a hypothesis - being clear on what you want to know and why

  • Design your test scenario and measures of success - structuring your test to provide the answers to your questions and knowing what measures will enable you to determine if your hypothesis has been proven.

  • Deploy your test - getting your test out into the market

  • Evaluate your test - identifying the impact of your test to inform your rollout of the decision or change central to your hypothesis

Read the full blog here:

The following articles may be useful to help shape how you bring this to life in your own business:

1) A Step-by-Step Guide to Smart Business Experiments

The Harvard Business Review talks about testing frameworks and the need to think scientifically to ensure you have both a control and a feedback mechanism to ensure your tests are reliable and measurable to inform roll-out and optimisation decisions.

2) How to Apply a Test and Learn Approach to Your Digital Marketing

This article from Business2Community discusses a six-step process for applying ‘test and learn’ in your business. It includes defining KPIs, creating test criteria, achieving statistical significance and turning insights into action.

3) 6 Inbound Marketing Testing Methods You Should Be Utilizing

This is a really nice blog from an inbound marketing agency talking about different testing techniques in inbound marketing to make sure your marketing efforts are as impactful as possible

4) How a Test-and-Learn Culture Improves Customer Experience

Gartner talks about the positive impact on customer experience achieved when a business embraces a test and learn culture. Remove the guesswork on what customers will engage with and make decisions based on data insight. It also adds a reminder that people, data and processes are also essential to the normalization of testing.

5) Test and Learn Culture: How to Get Your Leadership Excited About Experimentation

By embracing a test and learn culture in your business, you can fast track to the best experience for your customers and deliver the highest commercial return to your balance sheet.

The Good talk about the power of test and learn for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) in this article.

6) When, Where, and How to Test Market

Going back into the archives of HBR with this article - from 1975! What is interesting is that testing methodologies are not new, they have been in businesses armouries for decades yet, we are still having conversations about the need to have a cultural adoption to make test and learn the norm in many businesses today.

We work with businesses to make their teams more productive by embedding data mindset to use data and technology to deliver against the business growth objectives.

We always start with understanding your needs and a discovery call is the best way to do that - drop me line or fill out the contact form on our website.


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