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5 Ways data can improve marketing effectiveness

Updated: May 30, 2023

Innovation in data science, AI and machine learning over the last couple of years has been revolutionary.

However, it can feel daunting if you are starting on your journey to becoming more data-driven or you are trying to work out how data is really going to help your business.

Marketing effectiveness can be a great place to start, for example here are five ways in which data can help:

1. Work your acquisition budget harder

2. Focus on re-purchase

3. Selective offers

4. Be relevant

5. Recognise and reward

Once you know what you want to do, focus on what data, insight, tools you need to deliver it.

And we are always here to help! Drop me a line

1. Work your acquisition budget harder

  • Analyse which channels and messages are attracting your most valuable customers

  • Develop 'look-a-like' target profiles

  • Create a test & learn plan to optimise your channels and messaging plan

2. Focus on re-purchase

  • It estimated that is costs 5X more to acquire a customer than to get a customer to repurchase.

  • Identify the customers who are more likely to re-purchase and invest in engaging with them

  • Converting these customers will reduce the dependencies on high-cost acquisition.

3. Selective offers

  • You don’t need to give everything to everyone

  • Effectively manage your coupon or discount strategy by analysing which customers or prospects may need a bit more of a 'nudge'

  • Test how much you need to incentivise theme

4. Be relevant

  • Tailor marketing messages based on what prospects have been viewing or what customers have been bought.

  • Recognise behaviours across all channels to have comprehensive relevance.

5. Recognise and reward

  • Regular or 'Loyal' Customers like to be recognised.

  • Analyse your customers to identify those who have been shopping with you the longest, spending the most, sharing your content.

  • Reward these customers to build long-lasting relationships


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