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The MoJo Guarantee

Our MoJo Guarantee applies to our Customer Diagnostic product.

What is a Customer Diagnostic?
It is an easily accessible analytical and consultancy product, priced at £10,000 + VAT. 


We’ll take a data extract of your customer and transactional data, clean and structure it for analysis, then analyse the customer behaviours and identify opportunities for growth using your data.  


Our Guarantee:

If you choose to work with us on a Customer Diagnostic for your business, we are confident we will identify three opportunities for growth that cover our fee.

The opportunities may identify growth in areas including:

  • Efficiencies to save you money

  • Opportunities for improvised marketing impact 

  • Gaps in customer value growth

The implementation of the opportunities is not included in our Customer Diagnostic product, but we will forecast the commercial impact of the growth areas identified, based on them being implemented (we can also support you to implement the opportunities if needed). 


We are so certain we will identify three opportunities for business growth that will find our fee, that we will refund the difference up to the value of £10,000. 

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