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Women In Data : Podcast ep 26

Updated: May 30, 2023

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Karen Jean-Francois host of the Women In Data podcast.

We discuss ways in which to build effective data and insight projects within organisations and the roles between the business and technical teams.

As a summary :

"It was great to hear Natasha's advice on the importance of scoping a project correctly from the outset, and ensuring there is buy-in and support from senior stakeholders: both qualities I look for when sourcing industry projects for our brilliant MSc students - and not just those that are data driven! "

"This was a great listen. Having worked with data specialists who think their job is so complicated few can understand it - or equally, people who have no inclination to want to understand data - this was a refreshing take on what data science can deliver for businesses. "

"Great discussion about democratising data (and always good to hear from an ex dunnhumbian!), there is a clear theme of managing expectations and transparency - 1. ensure leadership and data teams understand what data they have, 2. define the business challenge you are trying to solve, and 3. be clear who has the right skill set to tackle each part of the puzzle (good call out on the variety of tasks and roles involved in ‘data’). Sounds simple but all too often something gets missed/assumed and expectations are NOT met!"


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