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Business Behaviour Data Analysis

No matter your industry, business behaviour data analysis is crucial to maximising customer engagement. If you’re not implementing how you use your customer behaviour data, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to develop better customer brand relationships and grow revenue.

"MoJo’s focus on commercial impact has proved key in maximising our ROI as swiftly as possible."

Tim Wilkinson - Co-founder, WBC

The process of collecting information on customers’ behaviour when they interact and connect with your business is known as business behaviour data analysis. This includes in-depth data collection on page views, email sign-ups, purchases, trends and a lot more.


When you partner with MoJo’s expert business behaviour data consultants, you study the patterns and trends that drive and influence your prospects. 

Based on MoJo's business behaviour insight, you can introduce changes and tweaks to streamline customer behaviour and actions to tip the scales in your favour. 


This data will not only allow you to scale your business to greater heights but also give you solid, tangible results. This means you can better position yourself to convert, retain and engage your customers in a more conducive manner.

"Their fresh insights enabled us to take a new approach with how we use our data and have moved us further along in creating customer-focused programs"

Elaine Lee - Marketing Director, Springer Nature

Our Clients

Why You Need Business Behaviour Data Analysis

Understand your customer preferences

Identify and learn more about valuable customers

Improve existing business strategies

Better understand internal business decision making

Increase revenue and profits

Gain insights on business performance

Business Data - How It Benefits You

Business behaviour data analysis enables you to understand your business and your customers better so that you can make better decisions. It opens your business up to various growth opportunities thanks to all the valuable insights derived from the data.

You can also analyse exactly how a customer engages with your business and why. This is important because it gives you the information to determine the right step to take to further expand or grow your business. 

Whether you want to improve customer engagement, increase your conversion rates or simply improve your brand awareness, you can do it all by using behavioural analytics. 

When it comes to success and growth, you need to make use of this data to truly make an impact. This is why we immerse ourselves in your business database and determine the exact areas where you can use data to improve. 


At MoJo, we work with you to understand your data landscape, processes, technical capabilities and much more to collate as much information as possible. We also audit your business data to understand where your business stands in terms of quality of data.

What We Can Do For You At MoJo

Why Choose Mojo?

It is not easy running a successful business. 


There are far too many risks involved that you need to analyse, foresee and avoid. You will likely be far less effective at doing this, going in blind.


This is where we come in.

At MoJo, we will work with you to ensure you’re making smarter, more informed business decisions, rooted in our research and analysis. With us, your data is not only safe but is also being utilised in the best way possible to bring you and your business success.


If you are looking to make a real impact in the business world, begin your data-backed journey with us today!

Contact us right away to book a meeting. You can also drop us an email at

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