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Are you asking enough questions?

Updated: May 30, 2023

We believe that people don’t ask enough questions. They may touch the surface to explore a challenge or query and make assumptions on the back of that to support the decision they have probably already made.

Why is that?

Intuition takes over.

There is a fear of looking silly or wasting time.

They run out of time to fully explore a problem and opportunity before a decision has to be made.

There is often a misguided feeling that the questioner should know the answers as they may be perceived as the experts, so they rush to provide a solution without necessarily understanding the problem they are trying to solve.

Look into the questioning style you are using to understand a problem or identify an opportunity can help overcome these barriers. Ask powerful questions leading with a “w” - who, what, why, where and adding the context and how you want to use the knowledge. This will give direction to the person answering the question to ensure it is right the first time, useful and can drive the business decision quickly.

Today’s Tip: Make your questions today powerful ones - start with a “w”, add the context and the application to ensure you get the info you need first time and can apply it to your decision making quickly


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