Hit your business goals, drive growth and win with data

We work with businesses to make the shift from just having data to actively using it.

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What we do

Data can be a powerful tool to improve decision making for your business. 

But just having data isn’t enough, you need to use it to make an impact.

On average organisations are using only half of the data they collect or generate, with data driving less than half of strategic decisions. We want to change that. Our focus is on making data available & useful, developing skills to use it and measuring the impact.


Make your data useable and accessible with our data strategy framework


Use your data strategically for business and marketing decision making with our knowledge and expertise


Measure your business growth to continuously optimise and prioritise opportunities with our experience

How well does your business use data?

How well does your business use data?

Use our free MoJo Data Impact Scorecard to assess how you are currently winning with data and to identify where there are opportunities to improve:

  • Business strategy & Planning

  • Marketing Effectiveness

  • Data skills

“Their fresh insights enabled us to take a new approach with how we use our data and have moved us further along in creating customer-focused programs, setting a framework to build future programs as we learn and iterate.”

Elaine Lee - Marketing Director, Springer Nature

Our clients