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Hit your business goals, drive growth and win with data

We are experts in using data to deliver impact for your business.

Partnering with you to develop pragmatic data strategies to make your data accessible, consistent and useable to support your business needs.

We empower your teams by building confidence in data literacy skills around how to use data to make decisions and to develop an experimental data mindset

Illustration showing a team analysing website data and using it for growth
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What we do

Data is a powerful tool to improve decision-making for your business. 

But just having data isn’t enough, you need to use it to make an impact.

On average organisations are using only half of the data they collect or generate, with data driving less than half of strategic decisions. We want to change that. 

Our focus is on making your data available & useful, developing your skills to use it and measuring the impact it makes to your business.


Make your data useable and accessible with our data strategy framework


Use your data strategically for business and marketing decision making with our knowledge and expertise


Measure your business growth to continuously optimise and prioritise opportunities with our experience

“Their fresh insights enabled us to take a new approach with how we use our data and have moved us further along in creating customer-focused programs, setting a framework to build future programs as we learn and iterate.”

Elaine Lee - Marketing Director, Springer Nature

Our clients


Why your business needs MoJo

Your next big commercial breakthrough could be hiding in your data. We uncover actionable insights to drive growth and change in your business. Make better decisions and build better strategies using our insights. Our business analytics consultants identify patterns, trends and correlations that allow you to move forwards. 

With profitability, actionability and delivery at the forefront, below are five ways MoJo can deliver impact

1. Improved decision-making

Our data strategy approach will enable you to have trusted data to make more informed decisions.  Ensuring data consistency and accessibility to your key team members to use easily. 

Creating digestible insight about your business, customer behaviour, market trends. With MoJo, your data becomes a way to gain insight into your business and your target audience. 

With our expertise and your data enables your business to make effective decisions without relying on intuition and guesswork. With our experienced business analytics consulting, you’re able to make informed, data-driven decisions to grow your business. 

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