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A time for reflection & celebration

Updated: May 30, 2023

Proud moment alert - MoJo has just reached its 4 year anniversary and is heading into a 5th year.

Having faced, with the rest of you, a global pandemic we are personally thankful for so many things. Professionally, the pandemic impacted 2 of our trading years which, I won’t lie, were tough, so I cannot tell you how thrilled and proud it makes us to have reached our 4-year milestone.

There has been so much positive impact in how we work, how we talk about MoJo and the fantastic work we are delivering for clients.

The practical:

More virtual meetings and remote working has enabled us to work with businesses across the UK. Some of our clients we have only met in person recently! Whilst this does have some limitations for building rapport, it has really opened up the businesses that can benefit from the MoJo touch.

Collaboration systems are more accessible as there is increased competition in the market - aiding us from both a usability point of view as well as pricing. The systematic nature of these systems ensures we are more efficient and impactful ourselves in how we make decisions about MoJo that will positively impact our clients.

Greater flexibility has enabled us to balance personal lives and professional lives - lines that are inexplicitly blurred when launching and running a business but that are essential for thriving in life.

The emotional:

We have listened to some fantastic and invaluable feedback from our clients and supporters and have made our hearts sing and our proposition clearer…

Forrester quote that 74% of firms say they want to be “data-driven” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analysis to action.

This is at the heart of our proposition. The 29% who are successful is too low. We want to change that and grow that percentage.

It’s all well and good just having data. But having data is not enough. You need to use it to make an impact. We are experts in data, we partner with business leaders like you to enable everyone in the team to feel confident using data to unlock the impact it brings to their business.

The results:

This year we have delivered some fantastic work for our clients including:

  • The implementation of a MoJo designed customer journey delivering an incremental €2m revenue to a publishing business

  • We developed a data governance framework to ensure data quality was maximised thus protecting the end customer for a housing association

  • Transformed a wholesale business from product first to customer first using data insight and reporting thereby enabling them to grow customer value into new product areas.

We’ve also continued to support marketing agencies with data strategy expertise taking us back to our origins working inside agencies. Back in the day, most CRM agencies had Data Planning teams but these do not really exist today in any except the large network agencies. However, there is still a need for agencies to understand and work with data on their clients' behalf to ensure communications are reaching the right audiences, are measurable and are actually implemented within the clients' tech landscape.

Looking ahead:

And as we head into 2023 we continue to work with our existing fantastic clients and are adding more to the mix which we will be able to tell you more about in the new year.

We genuinely love all things data (and have also been described as a swiss army knife of data skills) but know that for many people it does not generate the same joy. So we are delighted to say that we talk the language of data, translating it into plain English, so you don’t have to.

If you want to know how we can help you address your business challenges, just get in touch for a chat.


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