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Coming up for air…

Updated: May 30, 2023

It certainly has been a busy 3 months, launching We Are MoJo, developing a brand identity and building our website, whilst working on a fantastic data strategy project for one of our first clients.

We've had so many great tips from our amazing network that have been invaluable in these early months - these are the top 10 that really have made the most impact and are relevant for businesses in a start-up mode as well as more established organisation:

  1. Talk to as many people as possible to get feedback - the old adage is 2 heads are better than one but tapping into so many experts in the field has been invaluable in shaping our proposition.

  2. Don’t fear the elevator pitch! It doesn’t need to be an all-encompassing sales pitch in 60 seconds, but a clear focus e.g. “I help businesses…”. Being single minded is easier to remember and leads to interesting conversations.

  3. Make decisions quickly - in this ever-changing world, it’s important to move forward and not procrastinate on the perfect, it's ok to evolve and develop.

  4. Working doesn't mean sitting in front of your laptop looking busy – even just sitting on the tube or walking between meetings can be effective thinking times.

  5. Determine what success means to you and try not to compare yourselves to others - their definition of success maybe totally different to yours.

  6. Remember to celebrate the successes - even the small ones – which reinforces why you are doing what you are doing. Hi-5’s and champagne moments should be acknowledged.

  7. Challenge yourself out of 'it’s just not me' - this is a perfect opportunity to have the most autonomy you've ever had - go for it!

  8. It’s ok to make mistakes - in fact you aren't pushing yourself hard enough if you aren't making any.

  9. Make the most of the flexibility to learn new things, get fit or just be there when the kids get home from school without feeling guilt that you’re not “in the office”.

  10. Enjoy the experience !!- you made this change for a reason, enjoy the ride.



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