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Article Round-Up: Enabling a data mindset operationally in your business

Updated: May 30, 2023

We know businesses can accelerate their growth by embedding a data mindset and fully utilising data and technology to deliver your business objectives.

The 3 components of a data mindset are:

1. Growth strategy - focus on what you need to 'KNOW'

2. More productive teams - focussing on the 'HOW' to have the right skills to use data & technology

3. Increased efficiency - focussing on 'WHAT' technology and processes are needed to support the 'teams' and 'business applications'

This blog is building on the 3rd component on how to design your data landscape to enable your business to operate effectively with ease, accuracy and consistency of data use.

Whilst there are hurdles to overcome, the rewards can be great and it is worth spending the time upfront to define what your needs are and why, and prioritising how important the needs are to support your business ambitions.

Read the full blog here on how to get your business data fit:

The following articles may be useful to help shape how you bring this to life in your own business:

Bernard Marr talks here about 7 considerations when creating a data strategy. This article covers the use of Key Business Questions which we have talked about previously (we call them powerful questions), Cultural and Technological changes that help a businesses transformation to be data-driven and it worth a read if you are starting your businesses journey to be data-driven.

There are many benefits to be gained from using data and analytics that are beneficial for business growth. From identifying, designing and implementing engaging experiences that deliver a positive outcome for both businesses and their customers. This article takes you through 5 significant benefits to using data well.

The enormity of the martech landscape is staggering. With over 7K providers to choose from making the right investment choice for your business can be a complex minefield. This article from Inside Intercom shares thoughts from a variety of software companies to understand where they see martech winning in 2020.

Some of the take-outs:

- Build on what you have - on average, only 58% of a platform’s capabilities are being utilised. Get the most out of your stack and use its full potential.

- Use the martech to deliver personalised and relevant journeys. This is always a use case for martech investment but it isn't always realised.

- Start with your strategy and then design the tech solution to deliver against the strategy - not the other way around.

“Only 12% of companies had a CDO in 2012. In 2019, 68% do…”

The role of the CDO has grown significantly over the last decade, and rightly so. The role and impact of data across a business are vast - from senior leadership through to front end operatives using data to make decisions, manage services and converse with customers. Operationally, the data landscape needs to work efficiently and effectively to support these various uses.

This is as important for SME's as it is for large organisations and whilst there isn't a clear blueprint for the job role, having someone responsible and leading with a data mindset is core to any business becoming data-driven.

Business owners are in both a fortunate and potentially confusing position when it comes to choosing a new MarTech platform.

In a recent report by Chief Martech, there are now around 8K (or 7K if you have read the intercom article above) different marketing technology platforms and low-cost entry points to cloud processing power and connectivity. This is up a whopping 13.6% from last year with significant growth coming from new ventures.

We work with businesses to make their teams more productive by embedding data mindset to use data and technology to deliver against the business growth objectives.

We always start with understanding your needs and a discovery call is the best way to do that - drop me line or fill out the contact form on our website.


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