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Whilst businesses may differ their data issues can be very similar...

Updated: May 30, 2023

We have worked with different clients over the last 3 years @ MoJo across various different industry sectors including Retail, Wholesalers, Personal Healthcare, Housing Associations and Professional Services.

Whilst each business and sector is unique and the products and services they provide are distinct, the businesses have a lot in common:

  1. Already successful businesses or organisations.

  2. Ambition to make their business more effective by unlocking how they use data.

  3. Want to get more control over how to grow the business and where to focus investment.

  4. Intent to improve engagement with customers, either via better customer service or marketing.

  5. Lack of focus on the value data can bring within the business. We often work with businesses that are thinking of selling in a few years and need to start demonstrating the value of the business in a more systematic way. Or businesses that have just been bought or had a significant VC investment and the investors are looking to realise the growth potential of the business.

Some of the challenges that we explore with them are:

  • Where are the areas in the business that would benefit from having more insight from data & what impact would it make?

  • What data is currently available, where are the gaps and why?

  • What capabilities (tech and skills) have they got in place and where are the gaps to deliver what is needed?

The outcome is a prioritised data strategy - a focussed plan to know how to deliver against what the business needs to create the impact they want - growth, efficiency, or new product development.

We can help with the doing bit too, by building capabilities through tech and skills development, as well as activating the use of data within the marketing and business strategy teams.

Book a call with one of our team to design a data strategy tailored to your business ambitions.


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