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How we work

Choose one of our Data Impact Programs, or contact us to discuss a bespoke solution for your needs.

Focus your business decisions

  1. Data Strategy For Business 

  2. Business KPIs & Dashboard

  3. Business Data Insight

Improve your marketing effectiveness

  1. Marketing Customer Insight

  2. Measurement & Optimisation

  3. Customer Journey Planning

Get data fit

  1. Data Landscape Audit

  2. Data Governance Framework

  3. Data Literacy Training

Unsure which program is right for you, take our FREE Data Impact Scorecard to see where you need more support

Our process

Our process

We have fine-tuned our process by working with hundreds of businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises. We know how to make data accessible, useable and to navigate the barriers to leverage data effectively throughout your business.



Designing a bespoke data strategy to unlock the use of data within your business.



Getting the building blocks of the data strategy in place to empower your teams.



Using data to deliver real impact to your business.



For your business to successfully use data, your data strategy must be grounded in your business. What you do. Who you do it for. How you do it. 

And importantly, what you want to change or improve in your business that drives your ambition for growth.

So firstly, we get to know your business.

Then we work with you to determine how you could use data across your business and marketing to make an impact.

We look at how you are currently winning with data (try our Data Impact Scorecard to see how you're doing), and identify opportunities and challenges you are facing using and accessing data with our Data Strategy framework.

We will provide you with a plan that provides you with:

- a prioritised view of how to use your data to make the most impact

- areas of focus to make your data more accessible for the business to use

- measures of success to monitor your plan over time

Learn more about how we work with some real-world examples.

How well does your business use data?

Use our free Data Impact Scorecard to benchmark how you are currently winning with data and quickly identify opportunities for greater impact

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