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MoJo Service: Data Strategy / Customer Data Analysis
Translating customer insight into action to increase customer value


WBC (The WineBoxCompany) is an established independent wholesaler of Packaging, Hampers, Gift bags and Retail displays selling via traditional B2B account managed services and online via a growing eCommerce site.


Their ambition was to grow the direct eCommerce business by providing relevance and timely communication to the right customers.

Over the 30 years of trading, their traditional ‘food & drink’ customer base had expanded into the non-food & drink sectors. WBC was keen to ensure they were offered a good and consistent customer experience, irrelevant of how the customer shopped with them; They had worries that, with their customer base being so wide, they weren’t able to offer the relevance that they could if they were handling the sale in person. They were also keen to discover where the true ‘value’ sat and to direct their focus & effort accordingly. Their data held a lot of the answers, but they needed help & guidance in tidying this up, and ensuring that they were able to use it to support their customer service goals, and how to use their data to find the answers.


We used our explore framework to understand the drivers and ambitions of the business. Mapping, the data landscape, and communicating this in plain English, enabled us to identify where the challenges and opportunities were for customer growth and to inform decision making. Designing WBC's bespoke data strategy to make the data and insight accessible and useable.


Moving onto our build process, we analysed WBC’s customer data to uncover insights into shopping patterns and behaviour. This identified new commercial opportunities, including removing the minimum order value, converting one-time shoppers and changing the media strategy to focus on higher-value customers.


To ensure the insights could be easily activated within the customer experience, we provided WBC with a toolkit to support targeting, messaging and promotional activity for improved customer experience. This consisted of an RFV segmentation, Basket segmentation and Product associations analysis, as developed dashboards to monitor customer KPIs.


We ensured the adoption and development of the strategy with an ongoing programme of support.



By working with MoJo, WBC gained insight into previously unknown customer behaviours that identified clear commercial opportunities for growth which has led to:

  • An increase in sales that is directly measurable by removing the minimum order value

  • Customer-focused decision making to prioritise effort and impact

  • Insight-driven customer journeys that have increased repeat shopping

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