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MoJo Service: Data Strategy / Marketing Data Planning
Insight-Driven Customer Journeys

Scope of work:

Springer Nature, a leading global academic publisher, wanted to ensure relevant and impactful communication with its past authors to support and guide their future submissions. An internal project was underway to implement a new MarTech platform that would enable the marketing team to access the owned author data for the first time, providing the capabilities for personalised author communications. However, they looked for help in approaching this.


MoJo started with a deep dive analysis project into the author data, working in collaboration with the marketing team to ensure the findings were both useful and enlightening as this was the first-time authors’ historic article submission behaviours had been analysed from an author communications perspective.


The insights generated in the deep dive analysis formed the basis of the author journey, designed to optimise engagement from authors following their submission and lead them through to their next submission from a welcome to new authors through to a re-engagement program to previous authors.


Within this, we identified a number of author segments with distinct behaviour where it would be appropriate to communicate to them in a relevant way offering tailored support based on their experience with the publisher, thus aiding their understanding of the submission process and the services most relevant to them.


A test and learn plan ensured the impact of the communications was optimised from the outset, with tests for content and timings, as well as overall measurement against robust control and fallow cells. Ongoing measurement reports track engagement from the email and its content, through to the authors' subsequent website behaviour and submissions.

Together with the internal marketing, data and marketing operations teams, MoJo has been able to progress rapidly to implement the new author journeys



Since working with the marketing team, Springer Nature has seen many benefits of working with Mojo

  • Myth-busting previous theories about how authors submit and the points at which communications could support them

  • Educating the wider business on how different authors behave during submission

  • Shifting from being product-centric to author-centric

  • Developed and implemented an author journey that is robustly tested and deployed, with initial results showing a 6% uplift in submissions.

What Elaine Lee - Marketing Director said about us:

“MoJo was brought in to review our customer data and develop targeted campaigns to improve marketing results. Their fresh insights enabled us to take a new approach with our data and have moved us further along in creating customer-focused programs, setting a framework to build future programs as we learn and iterate. They work collaboratively with our teams, are clear on purpose and action, and document each step to get from concept to implementation”

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