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MoJo Service: Data Strategy / Data Empowerment
Data Strategy Design and Stakeholder Engagement


Portman is a leading provider in dental care across the UK, with a rapidly growing network of practices.  They intend to lead the way in Customer Experience (CX) with data-driven thinking to improve customer experiences at all stages of the journey from the first appointment through to high-value repeat customers, continuing the business growth.

However, they had an undefined vision for using data in CX, a lack of confidence in the data available and limited capabilities for acting on the data to deliver communications and were not sure where to start to address these challenges. 


Using a combination of stakeholder interviews and workshops in our Explore framework, we established a common vision and opportunities for using data in CX at Portman. This provided the structure for the CX data strategy which addressed customer insight, data literacy skills, MarTech capabilities and marketing effectiveness. 


By identifying and prioritising the jobs to be done across these pillars in the data strategy, breaking the larger tasks down into manageable chunks, MoJo was able to provide Portman with clear direction and a pragmatic roadmap to implementing jobs to be done in the data strategy from immediate wins, through to longer-term developments.  



Working with MoJo enabled Portman to deliver a concise, pragmatic and impactful data strategy to the Senior Leadership Team which:

  • Secured further investment in data capabilities for CX

  • Highlighted a need for a customer lens into the data

  • Provided a springboard for the CX team to deliver their vision


What Ryan Vince - Head of CX said about us:

“Recommended as experts in customer data and CRM, MoJo took a hands-on approach, by quickly building trust amongst our colleagues they quickly identified the opportunities for data-driven thinking for Portman. Presenting these ideas with clarity they built engagement and understanding amongst stakeholders at all levels of experience and seniority helping us to secure further investment for future data capabilities. Rachel and Tash are a pleasure to work with, I’ll look forward to working with them again."

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