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Martech Decision Paralysis

Updated: May 30, 2023

It is easy to be swayed by the shiny new Martech offerings that promise to solve your marketing challenges. I mean, there are some phenomenal platforms on the market.

Ironically, the greater your budget and business the smaller the shortlist, as there are only a handful of suppliers who have the enterprise-level solutions nicely packaged up.

The smaller the budget and business, the choice explodes. A recent audit stated there were over 7K Martech platforms identified with the majority competing for the SME pound. Navigating your way around this choice overload can be challenging.

A way to overcome this decision paralysis to reduce your shortlist of potential vendors by having a clear view of what you want to use the platform for.

Do this by creating ‘use cases’ based on ‘why’ you need the platform and then describe ‘how’ you want to use the platform, for example,


‘Customers to buy more from our brand’

‘To be the first choice when customers need/want the products and service we offer’


‘For customers to receive regular and relevant communication from our brand’

‘To be able to send comms on x channels based on previous spending behaviour'

‘To be automated and scheduled to reduce resource requirement’

It can be useful to get different areas of your business involved to understand a spectrum of viewpoints and to prioritise what are ‘must-have’ requirements at a business level.

These can then be translated into technical requirements for evaluating potential suppliers to then create a manageable shortlist.

Today’s Tip: When thinking about Martech determine your ‘why’ rather than focus on the technical capabilities of the tools

If you don't know where to start or how to do this, drop us a line or book a discovery call and we can discuss how we can help you.


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